Hydroponics Dutch Bucket

The Dutch Bucket is an Efficient Drip Irrigation System

Made from 100% FDA approved UV Stabilized virgin HDPE or PP (Not PVC!).

Our Grow Bucket are made from 100% FDA approved UV stabilized HDPE (High density polyethylene), Our grow or Bato Bucket is designed for growing vine crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants etc. They can be used with various type of growing media such as clay pebbles, perlite, coconut coir and vermiculite.

Commercial Complete Hydroponic Growing Systems With Long Lifespan and Dutch Bucket Drip Irrigation For Fruit and Vegetables

Advantages Of Our Grow Dutch Bucket

dutch bucket inhydro grow bucket
Made in India
High strength & impact resistance
The service life of High-quality plastic
100% food safe and recyclable material
Resistant to microorganism and rodents
They can be used with various type of growing
Easy to handle and install, offering significant cost and ROI
PP (Polypropylene) is estimated to be between 50 to 100 years.
Media such as clay pebbles, perlite, coconut coir and vermiculite.
Resistance against gamma based & acidic environment as well as.

Product Description

A hydroponic system called a Dutch bucket, also known as a Grow Bucket, joins two or more growing containers to a single irrigation and drainage system. Three components make up Dutch bucket hydroponics: circulation, drainage, and timing. A reservoir that has enough nutrients and water to fill each bucket serves as the system’s first foundation. The water from the reservoir is pushed to the buckets by an irrigation line. The Hydroponic Dutch Bucket is a highly effective drip irrigation system that is ideal for larger, more persistent crops like roses, vine tomatoes, peppers, and even peppers.

An extremely efficient internal discharge system is featured in the Dutch  Bucket. The two elbows allow the overflow water to be suctioned from the bucket’s bottom level and emptied into the main drainpipe. This will prevent stagnant water from gathering in pools. 

hydroponics dutch bucket inhydro

Dutch buckets can be used to grow almost every type plant, but they work best for larger plants and vining vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

dutch buckets system-inhydro

Dutch Bucket System

dutch bucket- inhydro

Zig-Zag Dutch Bucket

hydroponics dutch bucket system inhydro

Dutch Bucket System

Hydroponic Dutch Buckets | Inhydro

Growing Tomato

inhydro dutch bucket system

Growing Cucumber

growing eggplant dutch bucket - inhydro

Growing Eggplant

Cocopeat is the ideal growing medium for Dutch buckets. Both of these do an excellent work of retaining water for plant roots. The drainage line of the HDPE & PP pipe provides enough nutritional solution to the roots of plants.

dutch bucket system chart

Dimensions: 12” x 10” x 9”

Color: Black and White

Material: High quality plastic (Polypropylene)

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