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What we do

Commercial Hydroponic

At Inhydro, we provide turnkey, one-stop solutions to Develop both indoor and outdoor Commercial Hydroponics farms. Our Design promote efficient water and energy usage, high yields, and easy maintenance.

Rooftop Hydroponic

We Design and Develop rooftop/Home Hydroponic Farms to bring fresh, nutritious home grown veggies to your table round the year as well as your rooftop will be converted in profitable hydroponic Farm

Hobby Hydroponic

At Inhydro we offer wide range of DIY Hydroponics models for hobby growers or hydroponics learners. These models include everything you need to start growing leafy greens, herbs and more.

Greenhouse Projects

We at Inhydro, design and develop the ideal environment for your plants where you can have Control on all aspects of your growing environment, from temperature, Humidity Lighting, CO2 and much more

Growing Supplies

Get everything including hydroponic systems, NFT channels, irrigation kits, grow mediums, net pots & planters Hydroponic Nutrients, Meters & controllers, Pumps, air pumps, seeds, Seedlings, other tools & Accessories etc.

Grower Support

Do you have a challenge? Our Experts love to offer all essential Training & guidance including agronomy support to our growers with our Unique model of Build – Operate – Transfer to assure peace of mind to our Customers.

Made from 100% FDA approved UV stabilized virgin HDPE (Not PVC!).

Nation’s leading manufacturer of food-grade hydroponic Products
In-house Designed and Manufactured

At InHydro We do manufacture Our NFT Grow Channels and Grow Buckets with 100% FDA approved HDPE (high density polyethylene). our All hydroponics products and accessories are made from top quality Food grade materials.

  •  Features Excellent stress-crack resistance and rigidity.
  •  High-impact strength
  •  Made from 100% FDA approved, UV stabilized HDPE
  •  Product life > 100 Years
  •  Made in India India

About InHydro

Complete one stop solutions for the 21st Century
Hydroponic farms greenhouses Projects.

InHydro offers a complete solution from Technology Innovation and R&D, feasibility studies, farm design & site Planning, Project Management, Training & Consulting, Farm operation & Maintenance to agronomy support in commercial Hydroponic Farms or small homes/rooftop growing setups.

Key Features about InHydro

Innovative and sustainable hydroponic solutions for new age of Agripreneurs

Hydroponics brings sustainable technology based farming methods to agripreneurs. We have integrated Agricultural Sciences with the latest technology to produce healthy food with high nutritional value, free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It’s done with incredible variety, with many different plants growing vertically in only a square foot of floor space.

High Tech & Smart Farms

We offer complete packages of Farming systems like Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, nutrients and other greenhouse supplies. so you’ll get exactly what you need.

Custom Designs

We offer custom designs/solutions for lighting, controlled environment farms, commercial farms and further business plans with our hydroponic consultation services.

Build – Operate – Transfer

Unique model of Build–Operat–Transfer to assure peace of mind to our Customers, working as partners to provide High Return on Investment.

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Faster Maturity. Higher Yield.

Robust ” Grow ” for Profitable Hydroponics Sustainable Business

Grow varieties of Clean. Fresh. Healthy crops including leafy greens, herbs & medicine plants, flowering crops, fruits and vine crops year-round with our custom designed hydroponic farms.Our farms support year-round growing in any climate, from the densest of cities to the most remote area of the country.Our designs promote efficient water and energy usage,
high yields, and easy maintenance

To be an “ Expert ”, Learn from “ Experts ”

Learn all about hydroponics growing technology, Farm Design, Farm Operations, and its applications. In-Hydro provides in-depth knowledge of all aspects of hydroponics, suitable for beginners, hobbyists, progressive growers, Agriprenures and hydroponics consultants. We provide Interactive lectures, webinars, and hands-on training.

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