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Another great way to learn more is our online live interactive session.

Our Online Hydroponics Learning courses involve a combination of live, interactive sessions over the Internet with a professional instructor, set readings, assignments and dedicated Learning Support. You save time, money and travel hassles with our virtual live classroom training.

Key Learning Goals

You’ll learn How to Hydroponics, and the benefits of growing herbs and leafy vegetables in free spaces like a Living Room, Drawing room, Kitchen, Balcony, Backyard, and Rooftop Hydroponic System Setup.

  • Plant Science Plant Growth Requirements
  • Introduction To hydroponics, Hydroponics Systems & Crops
  • Hydroponics Business planning
  • Question Answers Session

Webinar Agenda

Introduction to Hydroponics Technology
Plant Growth Requirements
Hydroponics Growing Media
Introduction to Hydroponics Systems
Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
Hydroponics Business planning

What to Expect From this Webinar ?

The objective of this webinar is to understand the importance and use of hydroponics technology.

InHydro webinar on Advanced Hydroponics Technology is a One Day (3 Hour) hydroponics awareness training program. The main objective of this webinar is to focus on the growing of plants without soil. In hydroponics, plants like flowers, herbs, and vegetables are grown in an inert medium such as rocks or coco coir fiber, and they are fed a nutrient solution containing a perfect mix of Macro, and micro-nutrients. Hydroponics Technology is a sustainable development model of farming, not only an imperative today but a requirement of modern agriculture in the future also. The growth of crops is much faster and production is higher than in traditional farming.

Join us for this exciting webinar on Advance Hydroponics Technology, where you’ll learn How to Hydroponics, and the benefits of growing herbs and leafy vegetables in free spaces like a Living Room, Drawing room, Kitchen, Balcony, Backyard, and Rooftop Hydroponic System Setup.

How to Hydroponics
Virtual Farm Visit
Hydroponics hobby &
Garden Setup
Detailed In-Sights for Starting Hydroponics Business

Who Can Attend This Webinar ?

Beginners, Hobbyists, progressive growers, and  Agripreneurs  of any age with a keen interest in New-Age Farming are most welcome in the Advance Hydroponic Technology Webinar

Agri-Entrepreneurs who want to start an agribusiness.
Hydroponics Growers looking for expert advice on business expansion.
Home Gardeners: Anyone with balcony or terrace & wants to grow quality vegetables
Ideal for Beginners who want to learn about hydroponics/soil less farming & understand it’s business prospects in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, We will deliver everything from scratch with a Hydroponic Farm environment.


Yes, Keeping in Mind that Entrepreneur and Professional are also joining this session the detailed case studies will be discussed and Scope in India for Hydroponic business will be shared.


Yes, You all are cordially invited to visit our full-functioning Hydroponic Farms in Sector -59 Noida [ U.P ]

During this workshop you will have complete in-sight from scratch to start the AgriTech business, RoI Model, Challenges and Vendor details that may suffice the need to any start-up or Mid-Level business need.

No, Anyone can attend, who wishes to excel in the field of Hydroponic. We wil discuss Growing Methodology, Challenges, Business Models, Type of Hydroponic, type of produce which can be grown using this and many more


Yes, e-Copy of Certificate will be mailed to registered email IDs


Yes, You can visit our e-Market Place for required products.


InHydro Hydroponics brings sustainable technology based farming methods to agripreneurs. We have integrated Agricultural Sciences with the latest technology to produce healthy food with high nutritional value, free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. It’s done with incredible variety, with many different plants growing vertically in only a square foot of floor space.

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