Hydroponics Consulting Services
Consulting Services for Profitable and Sustainable Hydroponic Farming

Integrated Hydroponics takes their service to the next level. Besides all the hydroponics products & sustainable hydroponic growing solutions, we also provide expert consultancy services to start and sustain your hydroponic farms. at InHydro We offer the full spectrum of services that includes Design, Engineering, Construction, commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of hydroponic farms. Our team consists of experts and well-trained professionals to provide services of the highest quality and love to offer all essential Training & guidance including agronomy support to our growers with our Unique model of Build – Operate – Transfer to assure peace of mind to our Customers.

Scope of Services

Business Plan & Feasibility Study
InHydro Helps from scratch to set-up your Hydroponic system as per the need of your business need. We help in Site Selection, Crop Selection, Hydroponics system selection based on plant and location, We perform a Feasibility study, Provide you crop Selection Framework, Project design and site planning, Crop Management, Hands-on Training and AMC Support.
Crop Selection Framework is an important process for commercial hydroponics setup, InHydro Helps in gaining a good return on investment. This calls for assisting our clients in picking right crops as per the market demographics where they plan to be a market leader.Its depends on various factors like environment, Market need & technology used.

is highly useful as it helps in understanding the inherent benefits and risks of the project.As we know a detailed appraisal of the financial and technical indicators of the project, sets down a very lucid timeline for infusing the right amount of money and resources into the project. InHydro take care of various factors for preparing the detailed report like –


  • The kind of materials needed
  • The structures needed to support the brilliant farming setup.
  • It goes even a step further to perform local market research.
  • This 360-degree research reveals a lot about consumer preferences in detail.
  • A most suitable length of pipes
  • Tensile strength of the materials used in installing playhouses and a lot more
  • Prepared by our team of experts from fields like engineering, agronomy, biology, etc.
  • Crop Selection and other agronomy support.
As per the project requirements, the designing and commissioning part includes Land use Plan, Assembling of structures, Obtaining all essential approvals, Floor Design, Fan and Light Set-up, Water circulation system set-up, Pilot tests of the performance of multiple hydroponics system, and above all to provide Cost Effective Designs and sustainable design.
At first glance, you might expect that growing produce hydroponically would be safer than growing it in an outdoor environment. there’s still a lot of messiness involved in hydroponic farming. Such as the growth of bacteria & fungus. The inappropriate design may lead to invitations to pests & pesky insects. That brings us back to vigilance. Vigilance really is the pillar of food safety; it’s the single most important quality you can bring to make sure that your food isn’t contaminated by something or another
Farms Design &
InHydro provides you with the complete end-to-end support needed for setting up a greenhouse along with design customization. Our experts have vast experience in handling the various aspects of setting up a commercial and mid-size greenhouse. Our affordable prices suit every budget and we deliver a functional greenhouse within really less time. We value your time and encourage you to opt for our excellent GreenHouse Setup service.
The growing methods for each type of crop can be different so as the hydroponic system. When you are choosing between the various hydroponic systems, InHydro provides system setup solutions for the following type – NFT Systems, Vertical NFT Systems, Dutch Buckets, Indoor Grow System, Zip Grow System, and Commercial Farm Set-up. We will help in finding an appropriate location for set-up and equipment likes – Fertigation and dosing controllers, Temperature and Water Sensor alarms, Temperature controller, Humidity controller, Reserving timer, Priming timer, Clock timer, etc.
There is a great need for an automation system in hydroponic farming. This is because the works require a lot of accuracies. Some of the work is also hard to be done by a human. Therefore, to decrease the workload of the farmers, an automation system is necessary. We will provide you with many more farm automation systems like automation timer, temperature controllers, humidity controllers, buzzers and etc. Automation timer contains different timers like reserving timer, priming timer and etc. These timers are necessary for providing nutrients as well as water for a certain amount of time. Therefore, helps in over-watering and over-nutrition. Temperature and humidity controllers help in controlling the temperature as well as humidity to provide plants with an optimal environment. You will get the information about all the problems with the help of a buzzer.
The sun is the ideal lighting source for growing plants, artificial lighting in indoor systems can provide a good substitute within the appropriate color spectrum. Choosing the best lights for your hydro system can be a challenge. There are tons of options out there and depending on your system size and the type of plants you are growing. For example – a Vegetable garden requires at least 14 to 16 hours of bright artificial light, followed by 10 to 12 hours of darkness every day. InHydro provides custom Light design and consultancy based on the type of plant and size of farms.
InHydro provides you with the necessary accessories so that you don’t have to wander in search of these items. We provide NFT Channels, End Caps, NET POT, Plant Nutrients, Dutch Buckets, Seeds, Germination Cube, Grow Lights, and Potting Media [Clay balls].InHydro will also provide you with a huge variety of hydroponic gardening kits and equipment supplies. Therefore, you can take full advantage of our facilities along with guidance from our experts. With the help of these supplies, you can create a beautiful garden with a huge variety of plants.
Operation & Agronomy Support
We provide both pre-made nutrient solutions or help in formulating your own.
These nutrients are divided into two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients.
Macronutrients are those that plants need
in large amounts, including carbon, phosphorous, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
Micro nutrients are needed in tiny amounts
but are essential. These include zinc, nickel,
boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, boron, and chlorine.
Training modules that encompass the steps
to run the hydroponics project are arranged
for the clients’ team It becomes vital to impart holistically designed training sessions
to the workers deployed for guarding the
systems. Preparing them for all kind of
conditions becomes very important for the
long run.
Agronomy is the art and underlying
science in the production and im

provement of field crops with the
efficient use of fertility, water, labor,
and other factors associated with
crop production which provides a
beneficial environment to the crop for
higher productivity. We do have well
qualified & experienced Agronomist,
specialists of agriculture, who assist
in providing basic training/know-how
to Farmers of Crop Protection & pro

duction under Commercial Farming,
GreenHouse – Poly/Net House
In Hydroponics, Poor water quality
can cause disease, toxicity, dehydra

tion, low yield, and other growing con

cerns. Water testing looks at the qual

ity of water to ensure that your plants
always have access to clean water and
a proper intake of nutrients.There are
three key variables you want to test
for in your water: pH, conductivity
(EC), and temperature. We provide
all the tool kits to our users. The ideal
pH for humans is 7.3 to 7.45, but each
plant has its own unique pH.The ideal
EC should be between 1.2 and 2 to de

live optimal nutrients.

We at InHydro, utmost care for the cli
ents’ project further adds trust to its
holistically designed AMC Under the
Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC),
InHydro provides for the facility of
periodic checkups at the interval of
every 3 months. And tests are also run
to check the health of crops. The sys

tems are also installed for easy mon

itoring of factors like temperature,
humidity, nutrient systems, irrigation
systems. We help them to search mar
kets to sell their grow in their near-by
locality with better RoI.

Dream Big With Our Consultation

In the New Age of Farming Technology, growers and agri-entrepreneurs need guidance and support to set up and run their dream farm. At InHydro we provide all essential products, training and guidance including our “grower support” services to build and operate a sustainable hydroponic business.

Grower Support

Do you have a challenge? Our Experts love to offer all essential Training & guidance including agronomy support to our growers with our Unique model of Build – Operate – Transfer to assure peace of mind to our Customers.

After sales service

After sales services are also available to simplify your crop cycles. Tell us about your crop production schedule and we can provide all your needs including seeds, seedlings, growing media, nutrients and more to you once per crop cycle.

Agronomy Support

We do have well qualified & experienced Agronomist, specialists of agriculture, who assist in providing best growing practices, plants health and environmental conditions that may impact on crop performance to our growers.

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