Microgreens System

The type of results you obtain depends greatly on your ability to use the various hydroponic tools and equipment.

Microgreen Setups

For the past ten years, micro-greens have been a mainstay of the culinary world, appearing to give dishes a pop of vibrant colour and flavour. It may sound like a fun pastime, a method to supplement a healthy diet, or even a potential business opportunity to grow micro-greens at home.

One thing is for sure: creating a tiny indoor garden is a great way to hone your green thumb.

You’ll need a seed tray, growing medium (Cocopeat), and seeds to grow micro-greens at home. You’ll have tasty, nutritious micro-greens ready for harvest in 12–20 days if you keep the tray in a sunny (artificial light) position and water frequently.

How to grow micro-greens at home?

You need a grow light, a growing medium, and Set of growing trays (One With hole & other without hole) in order to cultivate your own micro-greens. These are the elements of a setup that can be altered by experimentation and advancement throughout time.

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The wide range of net pots are available and suitable for all types of hydroponics system and all kind of channels.

Growing Tray Microgreens inhydro

Growing Trays

There is no absolute restriction on the environments that micro-greens can grow in. For novices, you need a set of micro-green tray; one tray with holes called top tay used for sowing micro-green seed and second tray without hole called bottom tray used for bottom watering , after sowing seeds on top tray placed on bottom tray.

Growing media Microgreens inhydro

Growing Media

Growing micro-greens using hydroponically we don’t use soil as a growing media. The choice of growing media is among the most crucial choices to be made. The best choice of grow media for growing microgreens hydroponically is cocopeat. Cocopeat is cheapest & cab be reuse.

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Growing Light

If you are growing microgreen in indoor you need grow light with special spectrum, generally used leafy green light spectrum grow light. There are numerous solutions for lighting that are both inexpensive and efficient. Enough light can be produced by a reliable 22 watt LED arrangement to support a microgreen crop entirely inside.

Certified Quality Seeds

For growing microgreens required good quality seeds will be the best and safest choice, also knowing about the seed germination rate that also help you in the production.

microgreens setups inhydro
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