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In a world powered by digital technology, online education has gained tremendous popularity in recent years.Given the greater need for virtual communication amid the pandemic, along with a renewed emphasis across industries on upskilling and reskilling, it’s safe to say the benefits of online learning and online classes have become much clearer to working prfoessionals.

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In-Hydro Training Feature

Expert & Experienced Mentors

We value your time and money, our objective is to meet your expectations during delivering our session with quality and subject matter experts.


Networking with Professionals

Hydroponics Professionals are the main attendees of our sessions, learners and hobbyists can take their real-world feedback and network them for future endeavors.

Hands-on Real-Time Practicals

Hydroponics learning is something that needs real-time farm knowledge, a learner needs to do their hand-dirty to gain in-depth knowledge.

Business Plan & Set-Up Support

During the session, a major part is covered for “How to set-up Hydroponic Farms” and market your products to generate maximum RoI.

Hydroponic Farms Visit

As a professional consultant and grower, In-Hydro has its own Hydroponic farms having a variety of plants & systems for real-time exposure.

Take-Away Learning Material

In-Hydro provides each learner a learning Kit having all the Keynotes and reference materials for future use and knowledge sharing.

Grower & Vendor Support

We deal with numerous vendors for our day-to-day need for Hydroponics farm set-up, learners can access details from mentors for their needs

Mode of Delivery

As we are living in a new normal, our objective is to reach each and every aspirant to solve their queries related to hydroponic in both Online & Offline mode.

What to Expect in an Online Hydroponics Program ?

Online Hydroponics learning can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. So, what to expect varies widely depending on the type of course or program you seek. If you’re looking to gain basic knowledge of a specific topic, a basic online course from InHydro may be the answer. These are more likely to be self-paced, which often means less direct guidance from our instructor. Offerings are available in virtually any subject area that is related to Hydroponics, including both farm operation and Business Plan or exaction.

You may consider a paid online program offering a credential if you’re looking to make a career change or advance into a managerial role (or help members of your team move into new internal positions or gain new skill sets). This credential may be a  professional certification, or a full online degree program, offered by InHydro. In online classes, you may interact with your classmates in a variety of ways, whether through your virtual classroom (often referred to as a learning management system, or LMS), email, videoconferencing, and more. Group work may be required with some online classes.

Ability to Advance a Career
Wider Range of Courses and Programs
A Broader Range of Perspectives
Immediately Applicable Coursework
Time Management Skill Development
Virtual Collaboration Opportunities
Multiple Modes of Communication
A Customizable Learning Environment
A More Sustainable Option
Ability to Gain trending Technical Skills

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Years of R&D Experience


Mentors & Experts


Research Facilities

To be an "Expert", Learn from "Experts"

In the New Age of Farming Technology, growers and agri-entrepreneurs need guidance and support to set up and run their dream farm. At InHydro we provide all essential products, training and guidance including our “grower support” services to build and operate a sustainable hydroponic business.



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