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InHydro Classroom Program

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In our ever-changing virtual world, the traditional way has its strong foundations embedded into the learning process and can never be completely replaced by modern technology-based learning. InHydro is one of the leading Hydroponics farming – Training and Consulting institutes in India.

Our Mission is -

  • To build a community of strong, Committed Growers who can in turn make a huge difference to the society. 
  • To help individuals eat healthy and live happily
  • To make farming a sustainable and profitable business

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Significant Advantages of Classroom Hydroponics Program

  • Continuous Practice
  • Individual attention 
  • Learning from Peers
  • Significant advantages of classroom training.
  • Instant clarification of doubts
  • Real-time Discussion and debates
  • Compressed schedule for fast learning
  • Engagement and Focus

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Years of R&D Experience


Mentors & Experts


Research Facilities

What to Expect in an Classroom Hydroponics Program ?

Classroom Hydroponics Program can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. So, what to expect varies widely depending on the type of course or program you seek. If you’re looking to gain basic knowledge of a specific topic, a basic online course from InHydro may be the answer. These are more likely to be self-paced, which often means less direct guidance from our instructor. Offerings are available in virtually any subject area that is related to Hydroponics, including both farm operation and Business Plan or exaction.

You may consider a paid online program offering a credential if you’re looking to make a career change or advance into a managerial role (or help members of your team move into new internal positions or gain new skill sets). This credential may be a  professional certification, or a full online degree program, offered by InHydro. In Classroom classes, you may interact with your classmates in a variety of ways, whether through your virtual classroom (often referred to as a learning management system, or LMS), email, videoconferencing, and more. Group work may be required with some Classroom classes.

Ability to Advance a Career
Wider Range of Courses and Programs
A Broader Range of Perspectives
Immediately Applicable Coursework
Time Management Skill Development
Virtual Collaboration Opportunities
Multiple Modes of Communication
A Customizable Learning Environment
A More Sustainable Option
Ability to Gain trending Technical Skills