NFT 100 Head Home & Classroom Bundle

Leafy Green NFT System

InHydro Manufacture & designed Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponic System for space optimization, cleanliness, and uniform crop production. NFT works by continuously flowing nutrient solutions onto the grow Channels, the solutions then run through the roots system of the plants till it reaches the channels’ end then drains back to the reservoir. It is able to do that because the tube is slightly downward, that allows growers to minimize water consumption. InHydro offers Get Growing NFT Hydroponics Bundles, with everything you need to start growing crops like leafy greens, herbs and more.

NFT 100 Head Home & Classroom Bundle

InHydro Get Growing! NFT 100 Home & Classroom Bundle. Grow clean & local.

We’ll ship you everything we know you will need, based on our 10+ years of growing experience, including the obvious items like the hydroponic system, but also the other required items for growing crops like nutrients, seeds & Seedling Tray. As you start hydroponic growing, the InHydro grower support team will be here waiting for your call to answer questions. This ensures that whatever you come up with your crop, you’ll have a staff of Agronomist & hydroponics professionals to answer your questions.

A Smarter Way to Grow

At InHydro we design and develop NFT hydroponics Systems to ensure each individual plant receives the optimal levels of sunshine, water, and nutrients. Our approach lets us grow exactly what’s needed, greatly reducing systemic food waste.

Truly Sustainable Food

Agriculture is long overdue for a technology update. As the world’s population has increased, environmentally damaging agriculture has increased to match. InHydro has redesigned the process for growing fresh produce to use vastly less energy and less water, on smaller amounts of space.

Local, Fresh, & Healthy Food

We grow a diverse range of top-quality produce includes herbs, leafy greens, vegetables free from pesticides all year round, right where you and your costumers are.

System Includes:
Supply of 20 Dutch Bucket (40 Head) Hydroponic System with stands and all parts & fitting.
Seed Germination setup with all germination essentials like seeds, grow media etc.
Nutrient Reservoir (Sump Tank)
Seed Trays for seedling
A submersible pump (60watt)
Timer Switch for pump
Feed and Drain Lines & Table clips.
Grow Media
Hydroponics Nutrients
PH up and down Solution
Online Training & growing support for first crop cycle

We Take Care Of Your Plants And Keep Them Looking Great Day By Day

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