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Grow Tray

Seed trays make the process of growing seedlings a whole lot easier. Although it may seem like a simple task to buy a few little seed-starting pots, you will soon discover that there are many different types to choose from. Buying the best-suited seed trays for your seedlings will ensure they grow healthily and quickly.

Seedling Trays Or Grow Trays Are Made Up Of Foldable Plastic Material. There Are Cells (Holes) Throughout The Trays. These Cells Should Be Filled With Sowing Medium Like Soil, Coco Peat Or Sand. Depending On The Type Of Plants, 2-3 Seeds Are Sown In Each Cell. Trays Are Watered Regularly As The Seeds Germinate. Young Seedlings Can Be Kept In These Trays Safely For 3-4

The wide range of Grow Tray and Micro-green trays are available and suitable for all types of hydroponics system and all kind of channels.
Material: PET
Colour: Black
Compatible with: Any type of farming
BPA Free : BPA-free so no harmful chemicals leach into the soil

Benefits Of Seedling Trays

Seeds can be sown indoors, under safety & watchful eye of a grower.
Seeds & seedlings are protected from harsh weather conditions.
Plants can be started any time of the year by sowing seeds in seedling trays.
Seedling trays are easy to carry around & can be transported from one place to another without harming the plants.
By the time seedlings are growing in trays, the grower has the luxury of preparing the primary field or containers where the plants are to be transplanted.
Cuttings: Apart from seeds, even soft stem cuttings can be planted in these trays for induction of new roots; a vegetative way of plant propagation.
Seedling trays are reusable. After transplantation of seedlings, a new round of seeds can be sown in same trays & process can be continued.


The length of time will depend on the size of the tray cells. As soon as you see roots growing out of a jiffy pellet or coir pot you need to transplant them. As a rough guide, a 12-cell tray can keep seedlings up to 10 weeks while 72-cell trays will only be big enough for two to three weeks.

The best way to remove seedlings is to turn them over in your hand and softly push or tap the bottom of the tray to loosen the soil and roots so it slides out in one piece. Trying to tip over a solid  tray will most likely damage the seedlings. Never pull the seedling by the stem. If the roots seem stuck to the cell tray, slide a popsicle stick or butter knife gently around the edges to loosen and tip the cell over.

This may depend on the type of plant. Generally speaking, the optimal temperature for growing seedlings is between 65°F and 75°F.


Grow Tray

The benefits of growing microgreens are that they can be grown all year anywhere you live. The reason is that they can be easily grown indoors, in greenhouses or other protective arrangements. With the right temperatures, airflow, light, and supplies you are set for success.
Shallow Trays Are The Best Microgreen Planting Trays. The Shallow Plastic Microgreen Tray Height Is 1 1/4″. This Allows You To Quickly And Easily Cut Your Microgreens As Close To The Roots As Possible, Which Minimizes Labor And Maximizes Your Harvestable Weight.
Size can be customized as per the need
Tray with hole without both can be used for the germination.


Ultra-Durable, Top-Quality BPA Free Plastic Trays No Holes. Will last you many years
Perfect match to our heavy duty microgreen trays with holes Outer Dimension: 24″ x 12″ x 1.25″
Made of recyclable Polypropylene (PP ) leach resistant plastic with no harmful additives
Perfect plant germination tray for heat mats, humidity domes, microgreens, wheatgrass, fodder

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