Commercial Hydroponics

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InHydro is the nation’s leading manufacturer of food-grade hydroponics Farms, offers a complete solution from Technology Innovation and R&D, feasibility studies, farm design & site Planning, Project Management, Training & Consulting, Farm operation & Maintenance to agronomy support in commercial Hydroponic Farms or small home/rooftop growing setups. InHydro’s Hydroponic System Experts love helping our growers in their environmental controls and design custom solutions that optimize crop turns. With our hydroponic consultation services, our hydroponics experts will design a greenhouse, Hydroponic System, Farm Automation, lighting, and business solutions for your unique situation.

Commercial Hydroponics

We design and build reliable hydroponic Farms that last decades. By using our Commercial Hydroponics Consulting Service, the grower will get connected with our hydroponics experts with our combined expertise, you will have a commercial hydroponic farm that will withstand the tests of time and nature.Commercial Farms employ different types of growing systems that are suitable for crop growth. At InHydro, we decide the growing system based on the crop, market, weather, and budget for the farm.

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Advantage Of Hydroponics

Space efficiency

By utilization of vertical Space In hydroponics farming Plantation increases 4 to 10 times the amount of crops in the same space as traditional soil farming. Production increases 3 to 10 times in the same amount of space.

Less water usage

Plants grown hydroponically can use only 10% of water compared to field- grown ones. In this method, water is recirculated. Plants will take up the necessary water, while run-off ones will be captured and return to the system.

Higher Yields

Plants grown in well-managed hydroponic systems are living the good life. Since roots are bathed in all the nutrients they need, plants spend more time growing upward and less time and energy growing extensive root systems to search for food.

High quality produce

That’s simple. If you give a plant exactly what it needs, when it needs it, in the amount that it needs, the plant will be as healthy as is genetically possible. With hydroponics this is an easy task; in soil it is far more difficult.

Effective use of nutrients

In Hydroponics, you have a 100% control of the nutrients (foods) that plants need. Before planting, growers can check what plants require and the specific amounts of nutrients needed at particular stages and mix them with water accordingly.

No weeds

If you have grown in the soil, you will understand how irritating weeds cause to your garden. It's one of the most time-consuming tasks for gardeners - till, plow, hoe, and so on. Weeds are mostly associated with the soil. So eliminate soils, and all bothers of weeds are gone.

Fewer pests & diseases

And like weeds, getting rids of soils helps make your plants less vulnerable to soil-borne pests like birds, gophers, groundhogs; and diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia species.Also when growing indoors in a closed system, the gardeners can easily take controls of most surrounding variables

Labor and time savers

Besides spending fewer works on tilling, watering, cultivating, and fumigating weeds and pests, you enjoy much time saved because plants' growth is proven to be higher in Hydroponics. When agriculture is planned to be more technology-based, Hydroponics has a room in it.

Less use of insecticide, and herbicides

Since you are using no soils and while the weeds, pests, and plant diseases are heavily reduced, there are fewer chemicals used. This helps you grow cleaner and healthier foods. The cut of insecticide and herbicides is a strong point of Hydroponics when the criteria for modern life and food safety are more and more placed on top

Climate control

Like in greenhouses, hydroponic growers can have total control over the climate - temperature, humidity, light intensification, the composition of the air. In this sense, you can grow foods all year round regardless of the season. Farmers can produce foods at the appropriate time to maximize their business profits.

Grow Everywhere

Hydroponic plants can be grown everywhere; you can grow at Commercial Farms, at your rooftop, or the spare balcony or walkways as long as you have some spaces. it is said to convert any terrain into fertile farming land. With the traditional farming, there are multiple problems such as pest, climate and soil diseases. With hydroponics, you have full control over your garden together with more optimal results.

Hydroponics is a stress-relieving hobby

Neighbors. Tired after a long working day and commute, you return to your small apartment corner, it's time to lay back everything and play with your hydroponic garden. Reasons like lack of spaces are no longer right. You can start fresh, tasty vegetables, or vital herbs in your small closets, and enjoy the relaxing time with your little green spaces. What can be grown in Hydroponic Farms Almost any kind of plants can be grown hydroponically, for example, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.