About Us

InHydro is the nation’s leading manufacturer of food grade hydroponics Products, offers a complete solution from Technology Innovation and R&D, feasibility studies, farm design & site Planning, Project Management, Training & Consulting, Farm operation & Maintenance to agronomy support in commercial Hydroponic Farms or small home/rooftop growing setups. InHydro’s Hydroponic System Experts love helping our growers in their environmental controls and design custom solutions that optimize crop turns. With our hydroponic consultation services our hydroponics experts will design greenhouse, Hydroponic System, Farm Automation, lighting, and business solutions for your unique situation. In summary, we combine practical experience and expertise with a comprehensive high quality system designed and manufactured to provide you with one source for your scalable, customized hydroponic growing needs. Ours is a complete solution and not just parts of a system. When you choose InHydro you are backed by a complete team offering a complete solution with the knowledge to make things work in your specific environment.

InHydro aim to provide best quality profitable and sustainable hydroponic solutions to customers world wide

Our Values

Customer First

Each hydroponic farm built by team Inhydro for our clients is backed with the expertise of the Chief Technology Officer, a dedicated R&D team, design engineers. Plant scientists, microbiologists, and field technicians provide the perfect conditions for healthy plants to thrive, taking farming to a new level of precision and productivity with minimal environmental impact.


Sustainability isn’t just about being smarter. It means changing the way we think. We make sure every step of our process is consistent with eco-friendliness and the preservation of nature. we can grow more produce (per square foot per year) using less land, less water and less energy than is possible with conventional farming.

Scientific Method

We do not make any commitments or claims that are not scientifically proven. Our commitments are either backed by renowned scientific research or supported by clinical trials. Sharing Industry’s best practices with our clients those are scientifically proven with a first-class customer services make us stand out when it comes to a relationship with our clients.

Transforming Agriculture

We have integrated Agricultural Sciences with latest technology to produce healthy food with high nutritional value, free from harmful pesticides using less land, less water & less energy than field farms. Grower will have complete control over what they grow & how they grow & finally provide a nutritious choice to their customers.

Innovative Solutions

Our latest greenhouses are advanced, data-driven, climate-controlled facilities — the most efficient production systems available today. These greenhouses are some of the highest-yielding farms around and use less energy, land & water.

Regulatory Compliance

We respect all rules and regulations and adhere to global food safety standards. We employ the highest standards including ISO and other international and domestic standards and protocol.

Quick Facts About Inhydro

Improove the Productivity  of Your Grwing Opration by Incorporting Our Leading-edge technology. Our 21st Centurey Farms Solution we will Lower Your Capital Coste By Reducing the Resources Required to Product High Quality crops 

Pioneer in a New Age of Farming Solutions
Excels in Hydroponics, Aquaponics,Aeroponics Technologies
High Value Design & Engineering center
Leading Manufacturer of Food Grade Hydroponic HDPE Product ISO
Why choose us
In-house Designed and Manufactured

We do manufacture Our NFT Grow Channels and Grow Buckets with 100% FDA approved HDPE (high density polyethylene). our All hydroponics products and accessories are made from top quality Food grade materials.


Our team consists of experts and well-trained professionals to provide services of the highest quality. Our Experts love helping growers with custom design solutions for their hydroponic farms that optimize crop production.


Our Experts love to offer all essential Training & guidance including agronomy support to our growers with our Unique model of Build – Operate – Transfer to assure peace of mind to our Customers.


Engineers and technicians, from InHydro, work together with experienced growers worldwide to develop continuously new solutions for improving hydroponic crop yields and performance..